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Book Review: Poo Face by Andrew Daddo, illustrated Jonathan Bentley

PICTURE BOOK: A hilarious and irreverent toilet training book from a popular Aussie author that will have pre-schoolers giggling all the way to the poo – and the zoo!

A fun story about something that we all do ….. and who doesn’t like a good book about POO?

Feature image credit: Penguin Books Australia

Australian actor, radio, and television personality Andrew Daddo has written over 25 books for both adults and children. His latest publication, Poo Face, is a fun picture book for the young child.

Such a natural bodily function that generally causes giggles and is hardly ever talked about, but doing a poo is something that is common to every animal on the planet.

Parents and teachers may have differing views, but this teacher is always happy to talk about poo and luckily there have been a few very good picture books written on the subject. Daddo has come to it from a different direction…. the face we make when doing a poo. Poo Face is written to encourage young children to sit on a potty.

The illustrations by Jonathan Bentley are brightly coloured and detailed. He has managed to capture a different facial expression on all the animals who are in the process of doing a poo.

The front cover will immediately draw the toddler in. A bright blue background with a child and his dog staring intently at each other while both doing their own poo.

Poo Face normalises something we all do and makes it a fun topic with lots of giggles. Children may even spot a dung beetle at the bottom of each double page.

Every illustration shows us a different animal/person poo face and we all celebrate at the end when the toddler sits on his own potty and shows us his own poo face.

This delightful picture book would be fun to share with the whole family and hopefully normalise this everyday bodily function. Parents may see small details which will give them cause to giggle (notice the book the father is reading). Farts even get a mention! Teachers could use this book as a fun drama or art activity, along with the prerequisite giggles which are sure to happen.

And who doesn’t like a good poo book!

Reviewed by Sue Mauger

The views expressed in this review belong to the author and not Glam Adelaide, its affiliates, or employees.

Distributed by: Penguin Books Australia
Released: May 2023
RRP: $17.99

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