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Book Review: Powman 2: Discover the Strength Within, by Dave Pow Tabain & Nadia Worland

An illustrated story to help children deal with cyber bullying, using clear, easy to follow steps.

This is another way we can encourage children to take a stand against bullies.

Nadia Worland teaches children with special needs focussing on Autism. Dave POW Tabain is a World Kettle Bell Champion. He is a motivational speaker and inspires people all over the world to face their challenges head on. Tabain was bullied as child and it is because of his experience he decided to take matters into his own hands and turn his life around. His Powman books are a way to inspire the next generation. This book is the second in his series.

Powman 2: Discover the Strength Within is about a girl called Frances, but her friends call har Frankie. She has been learning Karate her whole life and desperately wants to win a scholarship to a specialist karate school: The Diamond Karate Academy. She wants to go with her best friend Gemma but what happens if Gemma is not accepted? What does Frankie do when she becomes a boarder and has to stay at school 7 days a week at a new school and feels alone?

Frankie finds herself the victim of cyberbullying and feels like she has no-one on her side – a feeling many children today are experiencing.

Frankie turns to her cousin, Dave Pow Tabain. He outlines a list of ways to overcome bullying, so that Frankie can feel more empowered. He encourages bravery, the need to stay strong and, most especially, the need to tell someone who can help. This list is clear and helpful for any child going through the pain of being bullied. Powman 2: Discover the Strength Within is written in the language that would be used by an 11 or 12-year-old, which will help them relate to the story.

The black and white illustrations add to the text, and for those children who struggle with reading, they help with the storyline. They make this book accessible to all readers.

There are many books being written about bullying at the moment. This one will never be among the literary greats but never-the-less, it should be helpful for children in the later primary years or early secondary. It is not too long but is easy to understand and the clear 3-step Pow Plan clearly explains some strategies to help children overcome the powerlessness felt when being bullied.

Bullying takes many forms in this day and age, and cyberbullying is of particular concern. Powman 2: Discover the Strength Within is another way we can encourage children to take a stand against bullies and try to make life better for all children.

Reviewed by Sue Mauger

Distributed by: New Holland Publishers
Released: November 2019
RRP: $14.99

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