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Book Review: The Case for Keto, by Gary Taubes

HEALTH: A revelatory exposé of the bad science behind conventional weight loss advice, from the bestselling author of ‘The Case Against Sugar’.

Takes the blame game out of obesity by exploring the genetic and hormonal factors of weight gain.

Are you struggling to lose weight? Confused by all the dogma? Anxious about starting a Keto diet yet nervous about the health effects of excessive meat consumption? If you have tried diets your whole life with only short-term success and feel the end result is that you are getting fatter over time, you need to read this book.

Gary Taubes is a three-time winner of the Science in Society Journalism Award from the National Association of Science Writers. In The Case for Keto,he investigates if it is possible to live a life of low-carb, high-fat eating and not only lose weight, but be healthier. He confronts some inconvenient truths about the science behind modern weight loss advice.

For example, if the most common piece of advice given to diabetic or obese patients is to reduce your calories (whether that is by reducing your intake or by increasing your output to ensure the latter is higher than the former) why are we, as a whole, getting fatter? How can the science really be true if the aftermath is increasing rates of obesity and diabetes? And what exactly does the science really show?

Taubes’s approach in The Case for Keto gears toward a dialectic analysis rather than a promotion of the diet. Although there is no doubt he is in support of the diet, the historical perspective on why it is medically ‘unpopular’ is a core component of the analysis.

Taubes brings attention to how scientists and experts in the field provide nutritional advice. Whilst modern scientific theories are always assumed to be advances in knowledge or corrections of the errors of the past, he questions if it is also about ego or whose voice is loudest wins? He uses the example that for decades, science indisputably thought that the world was flat rather than round.

Modern wisdom is that obesity is a behavioural problem, a processed food problem or, a laziness issue. This is despite the proven connection between insulin levels, carbohydrates, hormones and one’s genetics. You can decide for yourself by reading The Case for Keto.

If you have read Gary Taubes’s The Case Against Sugar,you’ll know his authorship leads the reader to experience many epiphanies. His exceptional skill in presenting complex concepts in simple and logical ways is once again reflected in The Case for Keto.

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

Distributed by: Allen and Unwin
Released: July 2020
RRP: $29.99

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