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Book Review: The Chakra Fix, by Juliette Thornbury

SPIRITUAL: The Chakra Fix is a solutions-led guide to contemporary chakra healing, balancing and cleansing that unblocks energy and answers everyday problems.

An ideal gift to encourage self-care.

Largely left out by Western healing traditions, chakras are the energy centres in the body that correspond with major organs and groups of nerves. As Juliette Thornbury’s latest work explains, a lack of energy flow in the chakras leads to imbalance in the body, mind and spirit.

The Chakra Fix aims to equip readers with a basic knowledge about how chakras work and the essential steps to follow in order to cleanse and balance them for a happier and healthier life. The first chapter explains the concept of chakras in detail and covers the seven types present within the body: the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

After the energy cleansing discussed in the second chapter, the rest of the book is dedicated to the seven chakras, each of them getting their own comprehensive chapter filled with remedies and exercises to find balance. To heal each chakra, whether it is overactive or underactive, the author recommends a specific tea blend, an essential oil blend, a meditation, particular gemstones and a crystal grid, a bath using specific ingredients, journal questions, and a yoga pose.

An impressive amount of detail is covered in each chapter, with Thornbury offering this long list of balancing methods. There’s no suggestion that the reader has to go through every single exercise. Rather, the book can be adapted to each person’s own needs, as not every exercise will appeal to every reader. I found the oil blends required ingredients that were difficult to come across, while the journaling, meditation and yoga pose were a better fit.

The book doesn’t need to be read from cover to cover, although reading the introductory pages helps to ground yourself in a solid understanding of how chakras work, and how to recognise when yours are out of balance. Instead, readers can try each exercise or remedy as they need them, when they feel that particular charka is not flowing properly.

At the end of the book, there is also a helpful index of fixes by need, making it even easier to find the exact remedy for a particular problem relating to the chakras. 

The aesthetic of this hardback book is gorgeous, complete with modern photography and some helpful graphics. The layout makes the book easy to navigate and the writing is easy to understand while still giving comprehensive explanations and advice. The only gripe is that the small text may be off-putting to those who don’t have strong eyesight.

Overall, this is a great gift to encourage self-care, whether the receiver is a spiritual person or just someone in need of a little me-time. 

Reviewed by Vanessa Elle

Instagram: @vanessaellewrites

This review is the opinion of the reviewer and not Glam Adelaide.

Distributed by: Murdoch Books
Released: March 2022
RRP: $35

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