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Book Review: The Conclave, by S C Eston

The city of Telstar has been freed and the enemy defeated, but questions remain unanswered and a secret conclave formed to protect the city also has the power to destroy it.

Upon reading The Conclave, you will want to know more of what comes next.

When I first came to book reviewing for Glam Adelaide, I was tasked with the review of an e-book by S C Eston – The Burden of the Protector.

Eston has returned to my reviewing purview with his second e-book, a novella called The Conclave, set in the world of Artevas – a world that was inspired by Eston’s passion for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and the world of Dragonlance, along with others.

As with all great tales – and I consider Eston a great teller of tales, indeed – it is told from the perspective of a chronicler, Theodorik of Galdin. It follows the post-battle era of the hero, Onthar, and his call to gather a band of differing types (for are not the best adventures made by groups of mismatched ability?).

The first part of the tale brings together the members of The Conclave, some Royal, some mystical and magical, some battle hardened and even non-human. As the members arrive, secret glances and fearful asides are passed around – it is obvious, by the end of the first book, they are not here without just cause.

As the parties sit at the table and the details of the previous battles are outlined, it is revealed that the group has been infiltrated and a traitor sits amongst them. Dark forces and even darker magic have been at work, since before the original battles begun. As secrets are revealed, the tables turn and further truths are exposed.

As with Eston’s previous e-book, it is part of a larger tale – one that, upon reading The Conclave, will have you wanting to know more of what comes next and where. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.

Distributed by: Amazon Australia
Released: October 2018
RRP: $22 paperback

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