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Book Review: The Good Hustle, by Dr Polly McGee

A spiritual alternative to all the business bibles that dominate the market, combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with contemporary business practice in a blend of mindfulness, spirituality and entrepreneurial action.

A self-confessed former corporate slave, Dr Polly McGee was tired of the soul-destroying rat race so she entered a yoga ashram to make the transition from business bigwig, to yoga teacher. What she didn’t expect to find were principles to support business life in a wholistic, healthy way. That is what The Good Hustle purports to be, ‘A revelation and revolution, combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with contemporary business practice in a compelling blend of mindfulness, spirituality and entrepreneurial action.’

I must admit to some scepticism over Dr McGee’s concept. After all, yoga is big these days, as are start-up businesses. Why not combine the two and make a killing from all the hipsters who like to earn big bucks to pay for their smashed avocado on toast and Kombucha chasers? To an extent, these concerns were validated by the content – at times the connection between yoga and business principles was, ahem, stretched. But putting cynicism aside, The Good Hustle does offer some inspiring advice for those wanting more out of their working life.

The Good Hustle focuses on finding what makes you happy, then putting that into practice in your working life. McGee poses four questions that the reader should ask themselves before starting any new venture, be that a job, hobby or any project. They are:

  1. Will you enjoy doing it?
  2. Does it come easily?
  3. Does it give benefits to others?
  4. Can you see yourself doing it for a long time?

The questions are aimed at helping entrepreneurs discover whether an idea is a good fit and aligns with the spiritual principles of yoga and meditation. And while great in theory, especially if one has the freedom to follow their dreams, often this isn’t practical for the average worker who undertakes whatever employment opportunities they can. However, her exploration of common western problems such as low self-confidence, doubt, self-sabotage, distraction and competing demands are worth a read. Her connections here to principles of yogic wisdom do offer some insightful advice for people wanting less anxiety and more heart in their working lives.

McGee has a background as a business strategist and in The Good Hustle, she offers a spiritual alternative to all the business bibles that dominate the market. Definitely worth a read for anyone wanting to build their dream business, or just find more contentment in their daily work.

Reviewed by Samantha Bond
Twitter: @SamStaceyBond

Rating out of 10: 7

Distributed by: Murdoch Books
Released: February 2018
RRP: $24.99

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