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Book Review: The Greater Good (John Bailey Book 1), by Tim Ayliffe

Battered war correspondent, John Bailey, is a man living on the edge until he is ordered to cover a murder with high-reaching international connections.

A greater than good beginning to a new Australian thriller trilogy.

Tim Ayliffe is an Australian journalist with over 20 years’ experience and he brings his knowledge of the Australian and worldwide landscape to the fore, in The Greater Good.

John Bailey is a hard-living, hard-drinking, former international correspondent and a survivor. While covering the war in Iraq, he was kidnapped and tortured by an emerging terrorist mastermind. Dreams of that nightmare still haunt him as a he tries to rebuild his life, especially the estranged relationship with his daughter.

When a Sydney prostitute, with high profile connections is murdered, John’s boss and old friend, Editor Gerald Summers, calls John to cover the story – and there begins a rollercoaster journey into the machinations of local and international politics. Reuniting with another old friend, an ex-CIA agent and the man who saved his life, Ronnie Johnson, Bailey searches for the clues which will lead him to the motive behind a sex worker’s demise.

The deeper Bailey looks, the more dangerous the search becomes with power plays that reach the highest levels of Australian Government and across the ocean to one of the largest players in the espionage and defence game: China.

Weaved throughout the novel are flashbacks to Bailey’s time in captivity under the ruthless watch of Mustafa al-Baghdadi, giving the reader insight into the fractured psyche of the alcohol fuelled journo.

Ayliffe’s first novel is an easy read but is in no way a soft touch. The characters, storyline and action-packed scenes are as tight as any novel from the likes of David Baldacci or Lee Child.

The Greater Good is the first in a John Bailey Trilogy, with the second volume, State of Fear, also available now.

Reviewed by Glen Christie

Distributed by: Simon & Schuster Australia
Released: May 2018
RRP: $29.99

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