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Book Review: The Manual, by Dr Kieran Kennedy and Scott Henderson

NON-FICTION: For the health obsessed and the health curious, The Manual celebrates the changing face of manhood with relatable and practical tools to empower men to think of health as more than purely skin deep.

This Manual unpacks men’s health with clarity and insight.

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Reviewed by Max Marten

G’day, warriors! Brace yourselves; we’re about to dive deep into the neon-lit heart of modern man’s hustle with The Manual by dynamic duo Dr Kieran Kennedy and Scott Henderson. For a moment, forget the distractions of your favourite café’s artisanal coffee or the latest viral post – this bad boy demands your attention!

Right off the bat, we’re thrown into The Fuel. It’s one of the four sections, or pillars, of this Manual, joined by The Body, The Mind, and The Feels. A few pages in, and it’s already like stumbling onto hidden gems in your local Salvo’s Shop.

The Fuel is like finding a forgotten 20 bucks in your back pocket. Just 10 pages in, and bam – there are revelations that’ll have you rethinking your pre-game rituals and side-eyeing that giant steak on your plate. Who knew you’ve been short-changing your testosterone and wasting most of that beefy goodness? You take in 25g at a sitting and flush 275g of that 300 g’er – mind-blowing!

Then there’s The Body. Whether you call it an oxidative, aerobic, or endurance system, the fact remains – The Body is a beast. Reading this kind of makes you wish you had more lung capacity or less pride as you gasp your way through. The body’s key? It’s all about that sweet O2 and time, baby. Like a good brew, it’s gotta be done over time. The Manual will help you get to understand this system. It’s not just about how many bench presses or squats you can do; it’s about the long haul.

Now, for The Mind. Once upon a time, our great-great-great-granddads were stressing about dingoes, bears or finding food, but now? The Manual lays it out. It’s deadlines, unread messages, and that ever-elusive Wi-Fi signal. Anxiety, while a bugger, has its place. A sprinkle can rev you up, making you sharper, like downing a double espresso. But, too much, and you’re in a spin, sucking the joy out of your daily grind.

What sets The Manual apart, other than the fact that it is more loaded than a loaded BLT at your favourite food truck, is how it flows. It’s structured yet spontaneous, formal yet has a dash of razzle-dazzle. Those nifty grey boxes sprinkled throughout are like stumbling upon a treasure chest in the middle of a bustling market.

And The Feels is like that unexpected hug from a long-lost friend. It strips down the nuances of today’s masculinity, making it a must-read for anyone navigating today’s life’s wilderness.

The book sometimes feels like it’s caught in a tango between being a textbook and a friend giving life advice at a rooftop bar. But those punchy Take Aways summaries at the end of each info bit are the lifesavers, pulling you back in when you drift.

It’s an encyclopedia for the modern-day person. It ain’t just words on paper; it’s your go-to when life chucks you a wobbly. Snag a copy, pop it next to your vintage vinyl collection, right next to your first aid kit and thank me later!

Reviewed by Max Marten
Twitter: @AussieMaxMarten

The views expressed in this review belong to the author and not Glam Adelaide, its affiliates, or employees.

Distributed by: Pan Macmillan Australia
Released: May 2023
RRP: $36.99

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