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Book Review: The Silence In Her Eyes, by Armando Lucas Correa

THRILLER: Bestselling author Armando Lucas Correa strikes out in a bold new direction with a psychological thriller about a young woman afflicted with ‘motion blindness’, who becomes convinced that her next-door neighbour is going to be murdered.

The Silence In Her Eyes has a unique voice that mostly delivers in this psychological thriller.

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This psychological thriller by Armando Lucas Correa features a main character with a rare form of blindness: akinetopsia. Leah, though not blind in the traditional sense, is unable to see movement, instead viewing the world around her in a series of still images. I have to be honest and say I knew very little about akinetopsia, so I can’t speak of the accuracy of the portrayal of the condition in The Silence In Her Eyes. However, it makes for a very interesting narrative style, with many important moments described as a series of three still images, almost like a comic strip. The unique writing necessary to portray how Leah sees the world could come across as stilted or detrimental to the action, but Correa manages to keep the flow of the narrative throughout.

Leah lives a quiet life in her apartment building until someone new moves in next door. Alice and Leah quickly become friends, and just as quickly, Leah becomes concerned for Alice’s safety after Alice opens up about her abusive ex-husband. Leah’s suspicions are amplified when her exceptional hearing, refined in the absence of regular sight, allows her to hear arguments and calls for help coming from next door. The remainder of the story is a series of events that culminate in an unexpected ending.

While the narrative style was really enjoyable to read, and Leah’s character quirks and insecurities were interesting, the relationships in the story all seem rather forced. After only one or two coffee dates, Alice is already referring to Leah as “family,” which seems a bit over the top for neighbours who have only had a couple of chats. There is no acknowledgement that the friendship is going hard and fast, which makes this scene in particular seem out of place.

After mulling of the ending of this story for some time, I still have to conclude that I’m conflicted about it. On the one hand, the twist at the end is unexpected and makes a lot of things fall into place in a very satisfying way. On the other hand, the final scene seems rushed, with little detail or purpose given to the final action of the book. Unfortunately more cannot be said here without giving away spoilers!

Overall, the book was an enjoyable read, and the narrative viewed through the eyes of akinetopsia was a very interesting vehicle for this thriller.

Reviewed by Kristin Stefanoff

The views expressed in this review belong to the author and not Glam Adelaide, its affiliates, or employees.

Distributed by: Simon & Schuster
Released: January 2024
RRP: $32.99

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