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Book Review: Then There Was You, by Elizabeth Snow

A collection of poems following the author’s past love affairs and the impact that they had on her life and her soul.

Then There Was You is a collection of poetry by Adelaide author Jade Wyatt, who has created the pseudonym Elizabeth Snow.

The poetry follows Snow’s past love affairs and the impact that they had on her life and her soul. The poems progress through her relationships, and eventually finish with her husband and children; although the journey on the way is endearing.

Snow’s style of writing is easy to understand and interpret, and much like other poets in the 21st century, Snow has made her writing simple enough to comprehend but powerful enough to make an impact on the reader.

Flowery language and metaphors aside, the collection is concise and to the point, allowing the reader to quickly power through. Having said that, there were several poems which really hit home, causing me to put the book down, and stare off into the distance in an extremely awe struck and pensive state. Congratulations Ms Snow, your words are powerful!

Although having a chronological order, the collection is something you can pick up from any page and won’t leave you confused or disoriented. Poetry has become an integral part of culture in today’s society and, with poets making their work as accessible and relatable as ever, Snow must be commended on releasing her work at a time when the genre is booming excessively.

I’m looking forward to the day when Snow releases more of her work, and the local talent of Adelaide writers can be celebrated more than ever.

Reviewed by Phoebe Christofi
Twitter: @ChristofiPhoebe

Rating out of 10:  8

Distributed by: Elephant House Publishing
Released: August 2018
RRP: $17.99

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