Book Review: Two Weeks 'Til Christmas by Laura Greaves

Book Review: Two Weeks ‘Til Christmas, by Laura Greaves

Claire Thorne heads home for Xmas and to save her first love from marrying a woman he barely knows but, in the process, she finds unexpected love herself.


Two Weeks ‘Til Christmas is the new rural romance by Australian chick lit and non-fiction author, Laura Greaves. Greaves’ recent success writing about animals, in particular dogs, inspired this light and sweet romance featuring vet characters in a whimsical rural town setting.

Claire Thorne is an equine specialist who left her childhood home of Bindallarah behind when she was a teenager. It wasn’t just the town she left, it was also her best friend and first love, Scotty Shannon. Forced apart by parents who thought they were too serious too young, Claire has never quite gotten over Scotty. So, when he shows up on her social media feed ten years later, Claire reaches out and the two re-establish their old comradery, if over a long distance. Never did Claire expect for Scotty to appear in her Sydney vet clinic with a critically ill horse, or for him to tell her that he’s engaged to be married in two weeks—to a woman he met a month ago!

While terrified of the idea of returning to Bindallarah and facing long buried fears and secrets, Claire heads home for Christmas. After all, if she truly is Scotty’s friend, how can she let him make such a huge mistake as to marry a woman he hardly knows? Back in the small country town she escaped thirteen years ago, she finds all is not quite as she remembered. The town has changed, its people have changed and, perhaps, it’s time for Claire to finally face her fears and make up for lost time. But, how will she do that when the love of her life is engaged to someone else and there’s only two weeks until Scotty’s big day on Christmas Eve?

Two Weeks ‘Til Christmas is Greaves’ third chick lit book, and the closest to a traditional romance. There’s the obligatory character angst, miscommunication and deeply held secrets. The rural setting so popular in this genre is quirky and engaging, as are the cast of supporting characters. The story itself is a little on the thin side, with some plot twists that defy credulity, but overall it is a timely holiday read. It will especially appeal to horse lovers and the trope of ‘a second chance at first love’ is always popular amongst romance readers.

If you like your romances light and sweet with relatable characters who could be your neighbours or friends, and of course include a happily ever after, you’ll enjoy Two Weeks ‘Til Christmas. Tell Santa to stick a copy in your stocking!

Reviewed by Stacey Carvossoso

Rating out of 10:  7

Distributed by: Penguin Australia
Release Date: November 2017
RRP: $32.99 trade paperback, $12.99 eBook

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