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Book Review: Vardaesia: The Medoran Chronicles Book 5, by Lynette Noni

Alex and her friends attempt to unite the races in one last stand against the undefeatable Aven.

A stunning conclusion to a memorable YA fantasy series.

It has been a breathtaking adventure over the past four volumes as Alex and her friends delved into the wondrous world of Medora and its history, filled with superior technology, dragons and mystics. Their journey has led them to this concluding chapter where the fate of Medora and the mortal world hang in the balance under an enemy too great to conquer.

Lynette Noni has proven her worth as an imaginative writer and effective story teller, summoning up visions of incredible worlds, extraordinary cultures, and edge-of-your-seat adventures that have made every volume a page-turner.

Vardaesia achieves the seemingly impossible by outdoing everything before it, offering a stunning finale that is both horrific and wonderful. Not all the characters we’ve grown to love, like or loathe survive, with Alex and Co first having to face the prideful Tia Auran race to elicit their help in the coming fight against Aven.

The stakes are higher than ever for the heroes, but the epic battles, mind games and romance, intermingled with prophesy and plotting, are all riding on a story of family, friendship and learning to have faith in oneself.

Noni’s multi-layered narrative is filled with well-rounded characters, plot twists, and a clever intertwining of events and characters from the story’s past, tying together numerous threads and unsolved mysteries.

Carly Robins has been with the series from the beginning as the audiobook narrator, and she returns for this final showdown, conjuring up the majesty and emotion of the characters and action. She’s an articulate reader who provides distinguishable characterisations and excellent pacing. By now, she knows the characters well and understands the subtext of their words.

The Medoran Chronicles has been an exceptional young adult fantasy series and it ends with a climax that has been worth the wait. Watch out for more titles from Lynette Noni, including her other novel, Whisper. She’s a name you’ll be proud to say you’ve known from the beginning of her career.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Distributed by: Pantera Press
Released: February 2019
Book RRP: $19.99
Audiobook: Available through Audible Australia

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