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Book Review: Work Fuel, by Graham Allcott & Colette Heneghan

Work Fuel is an practical nutrition book designed for the busy person who doesn’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen.

The busy person's guide to eating well to boost performance.

Exceptionally accomplished social entrepreneur Graham Allcott, and Optimum Living founder Colette Heneghan outline the traits, habits and principles of their respective successes in their latest book, Work Fuel. It is the latest addition to the Ninja Series of books by Graham Allcott and is somewhat perpetual via Colette’s Work Fuel: The Podcast.

If you are drained at the end of the day it may not be down to being too busy, as expressed in this latest performance guidebook. It could just be what you are eating. Work Fuel is an extremely practical nutrition book designed for the busy professional who doesn’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen to maximise their nutritional input.

Although aimed at professionals, it is just as applicable for the busy parent with young children who doesn’t find time to eat or, any other person who feels they are time-poor or continually exhausted. It is an approach to eating that isn’t prescribed and complicated, and it differs from a standard nutritional-type book because it integrates two key factors that may influence one’s approach to eating: one’s lifestyle and one’s time. The advice given is down to earth and attainable. If you know all the right things to do but keep failing, then you will appreciate the suggestions in this book.

One of the best features of the book is how each suggestion is explained. It is given with enough evidence to back up their claims, but not so much that it becomes like a textbook. Easy to read and well formatted, the book aligns with those that understand the nature of being overly busy and time poor. Each chapter can be easily digested in a matter of minutes with three key pointers to wrap up. Some chapters also include a task for completion or reflection. The book is not authoritative in any way; in the words of Graham, you are “Human not Superhero”.

Both Graham and Collette have lived experience of maximising productivity in the corporate world. Work Fuel is a collation of their habits and traits, along with the pre-planning they undertake. Their advice can easily be applied in one’s everyday life, regardless of your situation.

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

Distributed by: Allen and Unwin
Released: April 2019
RRP: $19.99

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