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Book Your Spot At The Ultimate Spring Degustation

Watch the sunset across the horizon with a view of the entire city as Howard Vineyard and Windy Point take care of everything…

Fine dining is back. In fact, it never went anywhere. Instead, its been serving up incredible food, outstanding wine and the best views in Adelaide while you’ve been heating up left overs in the microwave. Look, we’re not saying treat yourself every night of the week like you live in an ostentatious fantasy world where you only drink sparkling water. But when you do decide to treat yo’ self, you should do it well.

This September 19th, you could be at home with your slightly overcooked pasta and store sauce… and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there will also be a dining room, with sweeping views across the city of Adelaide serving a degustation of the best South Australian produce matched with stunning wines from Howard Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. Each element of the menu will be matched with a different glass.

They’re calling it a celebration of spring. We call it a celebration of living in SA and how incredible everything here is. It’s like patting ourselves on the back. And everyone loves a good back pat.

If this sounds like a present you’d like to get for yourself, then the number to book on is 8278 8255. That’s the phone number for the award winning Windy Point Restaurant, home of one of the state’s finest dining experiences. Welcome drinks and canapes will be followed by multiple courses and all the Howard Vineyard Wines you could dream of. And at $100 a seat, for such a vast feast and lavish evening, you’ll definitely get your value.

We just want to watch the sunset over the horizon from their dining room… To book or to inquire about the menu, that number again is 8278 8255.

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