Boston Bay Wines unveils new era

Port Lincoln’s renowned winery, Boston Bay Wines, has unveiled its first significant brand update since its establishment in 1984.

Port Lincoln’s renowned winery, Boston Bay Wines, has unveiled its first significant brand update since its establishment in 1984.

In a decisive step for the brand, the winery aims to preserve its heritage while introducing a contemporary twist to appeal to both existing enthusiasts and new patrons.

Since its inception, Boston Bay Wines has remained steadfast in its identity, earning accolades particularly for its Riesling. Under the guidance of the Allen family, the winery is set to enrich its repertoire with new varietals, ensuring the iconic Riesling remains a central piece of their collection.

The refresh aims to blend the winery’s storied past with the Allen family’s vision for its future, incorporating design elements inspired by the winery’s coastal vineyards and cellar door location.

A key feature of the brand’s new look is the introduction of a universal nautical stripe across its three wine lines: the Sparkling Series, Core Series, and Icon Series. Despite these changes, the brand’s classic bird motif remains, honouring the winery’s rich history and the loyal customer base it has cultivated over decades.

Lachlan Allen, representing Boston Bay Wines, expressed the significance of the brand refresh for the family. “When we acquired Boston Bay Wines in 2023, we immediately recognised the winery’s strengths and sought ways to amplify these, drawing from our experiences as owners of Barristers Block,” he stated.

Allen emphasised the delicate balance between introducing new elements to the brand while preserving its original essence, a sentiment echoed throughout the redesign process.

The Allen family enlisted David Byerlee of Byerlee Design, a specialist in wine design, to lead the rebranding efforts. Byerlee’s approach was comprehensive, considering not just the logo but also how the design would translate across labels, bottles, and wine boxes.

“It was crucial to blend elements of the old with the new,” Byerlee remarked, highlighting the aim to honour the winery’s legacy while engaging a broader audience.

Jan Allen reflected on the exciting times ahead for Boston Bay Wines. “It’s a new era for us. We’re eager to introduce our updated brand and product range to our customers,” she said. The renovation extends beyond the brand to include a complete interior refit of the cellar door, enhancing the customer experience.

Jan Allen added, “Our location is unique, with vineyards just metres from the seaside. We’re looking forward to welcoming both locals and visitors to enjoy our wines in this stunning setting.”

The updated range of Boston Bay Wines will be available from April 1, 2024, marking a significant milestone in the winery’s journey.

This rebranding initiative represents a careful fusion of tradition and innovation, aiming to secure the brand’s place in South Australia’s vibrant wine landscape for years to come.

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