Bottega Bandito’s Tiramisu Hot Cross Buns have landed!

It’s a rite of passage to consume as many hot cross buns as your heart desires in the lead-up to Easter and Bottega Bandito has just released a new Tiramisu Hot Cross Buns!

Is it even Easter time if your cupboard isn’t stacked full of hot cross buns?

It’s a rite of passage to consume as many of these delicious delights as your heart desires in the lead-up to the holidays.

Trialling any 6 pack you can find from your local bakery or Foodland in search of the perfectly balanced ball of sultana and cinnamon-laced dough is practically an Australian pastime.

From regular to chocolate to strawberry, we’ve tried them all, right? Wrong! Bottega Bandito has just released their Tiramisu Hot Cross Buns, a delicious new treat that is set to become a household staple

Much like all things that come out of Bottega Bandito, their bun is done with a twist. The Bottega Bandito Tiramisu Hot Cross Bun is made up of a trio of chocolate bits, coffee syrup glaze and finished with marsala and coffee custard filling.

This sticky delight is not even close to the traditional bites we’re all used to but is nothing short of delicious.

Bottega Bandito is a modern delicatessen and cafe in the heart of prospect, it is the sister venue to Anchovy Bandit. Their menu is made in-house, where you will be able to shop for freshly baked breads, pastries, small goods, house-made sauces and of course fresh local coffee.

Bottega Bandito has made a name for itself with its house baked breads and pastries, all of which are baked fresh daily. Their Patisserie Chef, John, has been mastering all things buttery and lush for the past 2 years.

Whether you’re a straight out-of-the-packet-with-a-hunk-of-butter kind of operator or a warm-up in the oven type, there are few greater pleasures in life than a good hot cross bun.

Bottega’s hot cross buns will be available from now until Easter Monday so hop on down and don’t miss out!

Where: Bottega Bandito, 1/96 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082.

When: The Tiramisu Hot Cross Buns are available from now until Easter Monday.

For more information and to check out Bottega Bandito’s abundance of pastry delights, click here.

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