Bowden Brewing gives free beer kegs to support local bars

Bowden Brewing is launching the #BackedByBrewers challenge to bring patrons back into their local watering holes with free kegs.

COVID has hit the Adelaide hospitality scene hard over the past couple years, with many local – especially CBD – venues reaching their tipping point.

In response to the current restrictions, and many city based businesses encouraging staff to work from home – Bowden Brewing are on a mission to throw their support behind the venues we all love (and need!).

Bowden Brewing are giving away free kegs to a variety of Adelaide venues, and challenging other breweries to do the same in an effort to bring people back into their favourite local watering holes and support CBD based venues.

“Our background is hospitality and we understand just how much the CBD is hurting now,” said Managing Director of Bowden Brewing, Oliver Brown.

“We knew we would not be able to make a significant impact ourselves, so we thought this could only be achieved through a cultural shift. We just wanted to be able to support the venues who support us.”

The first of the #BackedByBrewers kegs, fresh from Bowden Brewery will be at The Seven Stars Hotel, Clever Little Tailor, Brykln, West Oak Hotel and Hellbound from Friday 28th January.

100% of profits from free stock will go directly to the venue.

The Bowden Brewing team have challenged Mismatch Brewing, Little Bang Brewing, and Youngblood Beer to join the #BackedByBrewers challenge.

The challenge aims to lend a helping hand to Adelaide’s hospitality friends when they need it most. It’s also a great excuse to catch up with mates and line the pockets of SA venues.

See where the next kegs will be dropped by following the #BackedByBrewers hashtag on Instagram.

Find out more about Bowden Brewing on their website and keep up to date on Facebook and Instagram.

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