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Bowden Brewing releases their delicious brews in can form

Just when you thought cans in the west end were gone! Bowden Brewing has released their delicious brews in tinnie form, just in time for summertime porch beers.

Kicking things off with crowd favourites and staples, the brewery has released their popular Draught, Session and IPA in can form.

Now that the canning machine at the Plant 3 microbrewery is up and running, Bowden Brewing co-owners and head brewers Jake Phoenix and Alex Marschall plan to release a portion of most limited batches in cans.

“We’ve been releasing almost 2 new beers every week since July this year so it will be great to see them get into more peoples hands beyond the brewery itself,” says Jake and Alex.

The team are particularly excited about seeing Bowden Draught released to a wider audience.

“It’s the perfect beer coming into Summer and we’re hoping it can take the place of another Draught that was once brewed only a few hundred meters away,” says Jake.

Long live the Green Green – or the iconic Red Tin if you’re colourblind.

Bowden Brewing collaborated with local creative agency Divide to develop the can design. In an already crowded craft beer market, they chose to go down a different aesthetic path and opted for a strikingly simple can.

“The Bowden Brewing cans are simple, bold and super recognisable. We wanted to create something that was undoubtedly ‘Bowden’ in its aesthetic, without plastering a huge logo on the can. ‘If you know you know’ kinda thing,” says Divide co-owners Jason Thomas and Cale Mcpherson.

Bowden Draught, Session and IPA will be available for takeaway from the microbrewery and will also be found at a few select bottle shops around Adelaide.

While you’ll be able to catch the wicked cans on your next bottle-o run, Bowden Brewing has given us a sneak peek at what else we can expect from the new launch. While the finer details are still under wraps, the brewhouse will soon be collaborating with a South Aussie distiller as well as a CBD based Thai restaurant.

Find the Bowden Brewing Facebook page here, and the website here.

Find the Bowden Brewing at Plant 3, Bowden.

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