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Bowerbird Bazaar Returns This Week, Just In Time For Xmas

Christmas shopping is about to get easier with the return of the Bowerbird Baazar. It’s only 12 weeks away..

We’re sorry to say, but it’s almost Christmas (please don’t hurt us). And as always, there’s the dreaded Christmas Shopping; a never-ending list of presents, impatient drivers, irritating Christmas tunes and rude shoppers crashing into you without saying sorry. But, don’t worry, we’re about to make your day brighter! The Bowerbird Baazar will return this week giving you the chance to collect all those beautifully wrapped gifts to put under the tinsel topped tree.

All settled in their nest, at Adelaide Showground’s Wayville Pavilion, Bowerbird will open its markets on Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November. So, be ready to fly in and hunt down some prezzies.

Bowerbird Design Markets

The Hither & Yon crew had their reds on show.

Handmade leatherwork from The Butcher Byrd.

Roam the market and look at the latest homewares, fashion, lifestyle, furniture and lighting, artworks, jewelry and stationary, with stallholders from around the country, including Kitty Came Home, Limecrush, Little Urban Farmers and Mrs O (just to name a few) all under one roof! You won’t have a problem ticking off every person on your list. And not only is the market a great place to do some shopping, but there will also be yummy food, local brews and interactive workshops. SA’s leading contemporary design market has not held back, giving something for everyone to enjoy.

So, save the date, invite your friends and follow the Bowerbird Design Market Facebook page to stay up-to-date on the marvelous things you’ll buy.

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