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Box It Out is the little gym that can… and so can you!

Participants practice boxing against boxing bags in a Box It Out fitness class

The Box It Out studio specialises in fun fitness classes that focus on goals, not body shape, making it a comfortable, affirming place for all.

There’s a little gym punching above its weight in Croydon Park and it’s a hidden gem for anyone starting on their fitness journey.

With a focus on building strength and confidence, owner and trainer Deanna Santillo keeps the focus off body shape and size, allowing newcomers to kick some goals in a fast, fun and social environment.

Santillo took over Box It Out in 2015 and has developed the small fitness studio into a space to suit anyone at any level of fitness or confidence. For the seasoned fitness boxers, there’s kickboxing, strength, and conditioning classes while for newcomers, there’s fundamental technique classes to learn how to punch, knee and kick safely.

The studio also boasts a Run Club on Wednesday mornings, personal training, dietary advice, and a Recharge Room for kinesiology and life coaching.

At a recent Fundamentals class run by Santillo, we newcomers soon felt a part of the regulars with the warmup consisting of a group game that bonded people immediately. The 45-minute class then paired off people to learn and practice boxing and kicking techniques against a boxing bag.

Santillo’s watchful eye ensured the proper form was followed while her warm and inviting nature provided lots of laughs during the session too. The pace of the class was fast, but the time went by faster.

Box It Out is open to anyone over the age of 16 (or with an adult if under that age) and they have no lock-in contracts or joining fees. They offer a casual pay-as-you-go option or a few weekly packages that can include classes, nutritional support and/or personal training. You can find out more from their website at or by visiting the studio at 97 Regency Road, Croydon Park.

Participants practice boxing during a Box It Out fitness class.

Box It Out owner and trainer, Deanna Santillo

ABOVE: Box It Out owner and trainer, Deanna Santillo

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