Brace Yourself Adelaide, More Crazy Weather Is Coming!

Close your windows Adelaide, the wild weather isn’t over yet as another storm is predicted to hit South Australia today…

Maybe not as wild as wooly as expected, the storm that hit Adelaide seemed to pass through with minimal damage. However, there were parts of the state that saw significant rainfall and the Bureau of Meteorology are predicting more severe weather and thunderstorms… So hold on tight and get prepared.

Henley Beach as the storm rolled in... Snapped by Kelly Noble.

Henley Beach as the storm rolled in… Snapped by Kelly Noble.

When a storm hits it isn’t just the water that can do the damage…

“In November we get more than 50 per cent of our annual lightning damage claims and see a high percentage of wind damage claims as well,” said RAA Senior Manager Insurance Claims, Hayley Cain.

Yes, that’s right, lightning and wind also cause a lot of damage and it is actually during Spring and Summer that the majority of weather damage claims (in terms of home insurance) are made.

Remember that freakish Spring hail storm that hit the eastern suburbs not too long ago? Well that actually resulted in 270 claims and a combined damage bill of more than 2.5 million dollars. This weather business is expensive stuff.

Electrical storms are really common at this time of year too and can cause damage to solar panel inverters and affect electrical equipment following a power surge.

Let’s not forget our poor cars who sit out there taking a lashing as the weather passes by… Falling trees cause havoc for our friends who get us from A to B.

“This storm is an example of how quickly severe weather can hit without much warning, and it doesn’t have to be cold for this to happen.”

So after first news broke of the impending storm we put together a little guide including some tips on how you could prepare (check it out here) but with news of more weather we have some more hot tips on how to ensure you, your house and your car stay safe (and hopefully undamaged):

  • Keep gutters and drains clear for obvious reasons… If the water can’t flow freely then you could end up with flooding – not ideal.
  • Close your windows! That goes for your car windows too. There has to be nothing worse than walking out to your car after a storm only to realise that you left the window down all night and your car smells of wet dog.
  • Got building materials around the house such as timber planks and sheets of gyprock? Yeah well they are the sorts of things that could go flying when the winds pick up, so ensure that you secure them before the weather hits.
  • Tie down or pack away outdoor furniture items. You don’t want a deck chair or wheelbarrow ending up where they shouldn’t.
  • If you have the option definitely park your car under shelter or in a garage. If you do have to leave it on the street don’t park it under a tree. Maybe stating the obvious there but hey, we never know…
  • Stay indoors if you can.

Obviously being prepared is the best way to prevent any nasty surprises after the storm has passed. But, if you miss the boat and don’t have time to prepare before the storm, then just stay inside and keep safe!

Keep your eye out on the Glam Adelaide Instagram (@glamadelaide) where we try and post the amazing weather shots as they come through! Our very own Kelly Noble even snapped an absolute ripper of the storm coming over Henley Beach yesterday as seen above.

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