Bracegirdle's Collab With 'The Voice' Star Rachael Leahcar For Great Cause

Bracegirdle’s Collab With ‘The Voice’ Star Rachael Leahcar For Great Cause

Rachael Leahcar joins Bracegirdle’s to create a chocolate bar, with half of proceeds going to Royal Society For The Blind.


Everyone’s favourite destination for a chocolate fondue, Bracegirdle’s House of Fine Chocolate, has teamed up with former ‘The Voice’ contestant, Rachael Leahcar to design a chocolate bar. The best part? You can indulge on this decadent chocolate completely guilt free as every bite is helping those with less sight!

The locally based and legally blind singer is a self confessed chocolate-lover (like the rest of us), and has created her dream chocolate combination with the help of Bracegirdle’s master chocolatiers- choc orange caramel. Half of all proceeds will go towards the Royal Society for the Blind, a charity close to Rachael’s heart.

“…it’s just really nice to have that safety net as something to support you in life when you have a disability, that empowers you to be independent and be a contributing member of the community.”

The combination may sound a bit odd, but we were lucky enough to try it and let us tell you, it’s delicious and completely unique! Inside the bar is a sweet, dark chocolate ganache with zesty orange and smooth caramel, encased in a layer of the chocolatier’s signature Belgian milk chocolate. It is one of the company’s few chocolates which features both milk and dark chocolate.The outer casing is sprinkled with a fine gold dust, representing Rachael’s beloved golden retriever and guide dog, Ella.

We were also treated to a live concert from Rachael herself, playing songs from her debut album Shadows. Rachael also sung a beautiful rendition of La Vie en Rose, the song that made Australia fall in love with the 23 year old singer. Rachael will be touring nationally next month, catch her at the Gov on 18 November, tickets are available here.

The choc orange caramel bar is available in all five Bracegirdle’s stores today for a limited time only.
So get out there and treat yourself to some chocolate, it’s for a good cause.

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