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Breakfast just got sweeter with Golden’s new Cinnamon Donut Loaf

In brilliant news for Australia this week, Golden just launched their brand-new Cinnamon Donut Loaf, and it just made breakfast a whole lot sweeter.

Hold onto your hats folks, because this is a good one…Tip Top have just launched a brand-new Cinnamon Donut Loaf and you breakfast just levelled up massively.

The donut, bread hyrid is a thick-cut loaf that is flavoured with the declious sweetness of, yep, you guessed it, cinnamon.

The Glam Adelaide team are yet to get their hands on some as it’s swept from the shelves by eager toast-makers with a sweet tooth, so you’ll have to stay tuned for our ultimate taste test.

Expert recommendations on serving suggestions are flooding in with a popular pairing of plain old butter, while others on Facebook have suggested making cinnamon cheese toasties to which we’re not so sure of – don’t knock it ’til you try it I guess.

Thousands upon thousands of hungry people flooded posts about the new deliciously sweet announcement from Tip Top, and while it’s not confirmed if it’s limited or permanent, we sure hope it stays around for a good amount of time.

The Golden Cinnamon Donut Flavoured Soft Loaf comes in a 600g loaf and is available in all major supermarkets priced at $5.00 a pop.

This latest announcement from Tip Top comes after a string of brilliant creations from across Adelaide, chai latte martinis and gin-infused hot chocolates from venues across the state.

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