Bringing Art to the Streets of Adelaide!

Two areas in the city have come alive with images of colourful creatures, psychedelic patterns and cool characters as Adelaide’s street artists turn blank walls into art galleries.

Adelaide City Council has approved two street art galleries on Council-owned property; a wall on Topham Mall car park and one on York Street at the rear of the Rundle UPark.

Street art is becoming more popular all over the world and it really adds colour and vibrancy to our city,” Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood said.

The artists’ work is truly eye catching and has turned these blank spaces into stunning works of art.

These two sites provide a space for artists to create work without having to seek approval for each piece. Artists can paint freely and also use more temporary techniques such as stencils and paste-ups.

While Council wants artists to express themselves freely, there are a few rules to follow. Artists should stay away from offensive material, only create work within the approved area on Council-owned property and within daylight hours, avoid getting paint on the ground, and tagging is a no-no.

Contracts for artwork at other sites are being finalised with the artists to be selected from applications for registration of interest earlier this year. Council provides ongoing support for public art through a number of initiatives and grants. The Rundle Street Project has seen a number of artworks commissioned and created in the East End.

As well as looking great, public art can stimulate thinking and invite contemplation and interaction,” Stephen said.

The best artworks emerge when artists are supported and Council will continue to provide spaces for Adelaide’s artists to create dynamic, living streets.”

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