British India Take Over And “Govern” @ The Gov

British India Take Over And “Govern” At The Gov

Friday 16th of December saw the Governor Hindmarsh transformed as the audience anticipated their trip to British India.


resized_1481937258464Friday 16th of December saw the Governor Hindmarsh transformed as the audience anticipated their trip to British India.

Adelaide support act Cosmo Thundercat brought a coastal Indie sound, somewhat Mumford and son’s meets Coldplay. Mellow and chilled, but at the same time boppy, Cosmo Thundercat were a great opener. High Violet brought the sexy with plenty of charisma and energy. They invite you to let yourself go, embrace the here and now, because tomorrow is a whole day away.

Opening with ‘March into the Ocean’ the audience was awash with flailing arms and legs. British India had arrived. You absolutely could not help but be drawn in. Playing old favourites, the room was abuzz with energy.  Front man Declan Melia definitely knows how to woo his audience. Introducing ‘This Dance is Loaded,’ Declan demands the crowd “dance like you’ve never danced before”. This was not a big ask, if you’ve heard the song you’ll know exactly why. Fierce guitar riffs, pumping drums and lyrics that are easily relatable, you can’t help but dance your ass off! ‘Safari’ and the ever loved ‘Vanilla’ followed and the energy in the room was intoxicating to say the least.   Chatting with the crowd, Declan notices a group of young women out celebrating a friend’s birthday. All band members donning the ladies conical party hats, the band sing happy birthday in style to the young lass.

In a previous interview with Linda Marigliano, the boys described their newest song ‘I thought we knew each other’ as “live orientated”. They wanted to focus on the energy aspect and bring something fresh. From what The Gov patrons witnessed on Friday, it’s fair to say you have hit the nail on the head lads!  ‘I thought we knew each other’ is packed with high octane energy, whilst still remaining true to the British India style – which, in my opinion is, ‘music that invites you to think’. Special shout out to Matt O’Gorman on drums. DUDE! I was knackered just watching him, the man’s a MACHINE!!! As were the rest of the lads. Pure blood, sweat and tears were left on that stage, as the British India lads spent all their energy on delivering a truly phenomenal show. Their passion for their craft, they demand audience input, and their audience are happy to oblige. Spanning eleven years since the release of their 2005 “Counter Culture” EP, British India thanked their fans for their continued support over the years. In doing so, they make you feel a part of their “hepped up on red cordial” family. The show was a blast! Twenty four hours later and my ears are still ringing! Job well done boys, look forward to seeing all that you bring in 2017!

By Kat Yeend

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