Broggy is bringing art to Adelaide’s cycle apparel with Tiff Manuell

David, the founder of Broggy who is an avid cyclist himself with over 30 years of experience wanted to bring art to the roads, trails and mountains. 

An Adelaide based bikewear company, Broggy, is showcasing local artwork on their jerseys.

Broggy is the brainchild of Adelaide entrepreneur David Buck. 

David, who is an avid cyclist himself with over 30 years of experience, wanted to bring art to the roads, trails and mountains. 

“Mountain biking is my passion,” David said. 

“You’ll see there is a pretty bike lean towards mountain biking and the cross country discipline on our website and Instagram because I love it so much.” 

David who is married to popular Adelaide artist Tiff Manuell said the inspiration behind putting art on his jerseys felt very natural. 

“We have always been around art and colour, it is something that we have always pursued,” David said.

“So [broggy] was just combining that love with my other love of push bikes.”

David who is passionate about enjoying cycling and brightening the streets with his joyous jerseys explains the name Broggy is reminiscent and nostalgic of fun times. 

Broggy means a sharp turn or slide on a bike resulting in a large skid, usually phrased as ‘do a broggy’.

“When we were kids it is what we would call doing a skid and that’s what the brand is about to me, which is having fun and a good play on words,” David said.

Broggy launched just before Christmas 2021 and has been grown steadily since then.

“It’s been a modest start and it a competitive industry, because cycling has grown so much in the past 5 years,” David said. 

 “As far as brand goes it’s been a modest start and we are really proud of the fact that everything is designed and made in Australia.

“For us, it’s about having a point of difference, and that’s that have a really unique design.

“Success for me is one person buying it and putting a smile on their face.”

Broggy’s first artist collaboration was with Mulga. 

Mulga is Joel Moore, renowned Australian street artist, freelance illustrator, muralist, published author and designer of the much loved Mulga product range. Known for his unique Australian creations and signature style of intricate line work and bright colours, Mulga’s creations grace walls and objects across the world.

When asked about the collaboration David exclaimed with excitement. 

“It’s awesome, I love it,” David said.

“I love that art can be adopted across different things, Mulga is a really fun guy and that’s why we do Broggy to have fun. He just makes people smile and his artwork is so bright and vibrant and I think his philosophy is the same as ours.”

Since launching the Broggy Mulga range, David has launched a new range featuring his wife’s artwork. 

“The Tiff line will be released in the next week or so,” David said.

“We have worked together for 25 years and it’s a great partnership and it’s always fun and we have our strengths, I don’t design or paint my background is commercial.

“Based on the feedback we have had so far,  I think the Tiff designs will go really well and I’m really excited.”

The bright and colourful jerseys will be offered in unisex, male and female cuts. 

All of Broggys jerseys are made in a Melbourne based solar-powered production facility, using premium Italian fabrics and recycled packaging. 

“It’s not just a pretty face,” David said.

“I know that it’s really good gear, it’s not just stuff being punched out it’s really good quality.”

Broggy prides itself on comfort, meeting performance and art. 

“We spend a lot of time on the bike so it has to be comfortable and that’s, why I had roadtested the shape for 4-5 years,” David said.

“Whilst they look good they also need to perform.”

Currently, jerseys are the only attire available from Broggy but David told Glam Adelaide he would like to expand in the future. 

“For me, I don’t really have a big business plan, we have always kinda just rolled with it and it evolves naturally and I think that’s what will happen with Broggy,” David said.

“I would love to do some more winter bike orientated stuff – windproof vests, maybe some tech tees.” 

For David, Broggy is all about the fun.

“I’m happy as long as we are having fun, people are wearing it and people are having a good time,” he said.

Broggy operates from the Tiff Manuell studio at 10A King St, Norwood SA 5067.

Shop online at

You can also follow Broggy on Instagram and Facebook

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