Brumby’s Bakery Putting Fun In Easter Buns

Brumby’s is putting a heap of fun in the humble Hot Cross Bun this Easter.

AllFlavourXBuns Brumby’s is putting a heap of fun in the humble Hot Cross Bun this Easter.  Whilst Chocolate Chip has been the ‘radical breakthrough’ flavour for a few years, Brumby’s has thrown down the flavour gauntlet and opened the doors to bring about even more fun and enjoyment to the always popular Hot Cross Bun.

At just $6.60 per pack and just $1.00 for a second pack they are a bargain to boot at all 18 Brumby’s stores across Adelaide and are in store now.

“We enjoyed some great feedback from people in past years for our non-traditional Hot Cross bun flavours.  People love to be adventurous with food and flavours these days so now we’re putting the fun in the Hot Cross Bun and taking it one step further” said Michaela Webster, Chief Operating Officer from On The Run  (Brumby’s Master Franchisor)

So whether you’re a traditionalist or like to venture out with something new this Easter season Brumby’s Hot Cross buns are there for the taking in your fave flavour of choice…

Fruit – you’ve got to have traditional

Fruitless – for those loving the bun but who’ve always picked the fruit out

Double Choc – choc chip going one step further

Salted Caramel – who doesn’t love a mix of sweet and salty

Nutella – yes really and they are seriously amazing

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