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Bubble Tea Coffee Is Now On The Cards

This CBD tea shop is launching bubble tea coffee!


Bubble tea lovers are known to love a pairings. We’ve all got our favourites; apple and cinnamon, cookies and cream, honey and lemon, peanut butter and jam, there’s too many to count!

FUN TEA on Pulteney Street have introduced a pairing that we’re cautiously obsessed with. Bubble tea and coffee!

While we keep going back to these crowd favourites, this is one genius combo, packed with antioxidants and flavour.

Introducing this tantalising fusion of freshly roasted coffee and fruit juice, FUN TEA are offering a healthy and tasty variation to your morning brew.

Customers can customise their coffee by adding Milk Tea or altering the strength of their coffee to their preferred taste.

To celebrate the launch this week, FUN TEA are offering 50% discount off any 2nd drink purchased with a Fruit Coffee.

If this sounds a bit too adventurous for you, don’t fear, FUN TEA still boast their fresh flavours; Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit and Strawberry, all made with locally-sourced, quality Australian fruit.

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