Buderim Ginger Teaches Aussies To Cook With Cordial This Winter

Buderim Ginger has released a roster of zesty recipes using its Ginger Refresher and Ginger Revitalise cordials, just in time for winter.


gelatiOne of Australia’s most loved brands, Buderim Ginger, has cemented its title as the beverage trendsetter. This month, the company has released a roster of zesty recipes using its Ginger Refresher and Ginger Revitalise cordials, just in time for winter.

Always on-trend, with their finger placed firmly on the pulse, Buderim Ginger has seen an increase in their customers asking for recipes that use Ginger as a core ingredient. This trend is one of the latest in the food and beverage space and what all the foodies will be talking about in the lead up to winter. To help ease into the “cold-ridden” months, Buderim Ginger has whipped up a series of seasonal ginger induced recipes making it ideal to strengthen immunity and prevent the dreaded winter cold and flu. Ginger is well known to have both anti-inflammatory effects and can improve the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body.

Some of the receipes include:

Ginger Spiced Caramel Popcorn with White Chocolate

Ginger Beer, Coconut and Rum Sorbet 

Ginger Glazed Bacon

Ginger Glazed Ham

Ginger Kisses

Refreshing Apple and Ginger Iced Green Tea

cordialThe first of the two flavoursome cordials, the Ginger Refresher cordial is perfect for any occasion. With just a dash of soda water the cordial tastes like the nostalgic brews of yester year. However, this isn’t the only use for this innovative product, as it can be applied in a variety of ways to spice up your home cooking repertoire this winter, particularly in salad dressings or in a stir fries. Additionally, Buderim Ginger has created an enviable list of simple, yet tasty cocktail recipes using the Ginger Refresher, a product that also happens to be the ultimate mixer.

Accompanying the Ginger Refresher is the Ginger Revitalise; the Ginger Revitalise is created using fresh Buderim ginger juice and is lower in sugar than Buderim’s other ginger cordials. Like all good things from Buderim Ginger, the Ginger Revitalise is the ‘enemy of bland’, making this cordial the inspiring addition to your food and drink creations this winter. To maintain its memorable taste, the Ginger Revitalise has been naturally sweetened with stevia.

Jacqui Price, Marketing Manager of Buderim Ginger said “We’ve developed a series of recipes so that consumers are able to get the most out of this wonderfully fresh and healthy product. Our recipes include marinated chicken skewers, coconut and ginger pie, and my personal favourite, ginger sticky pork spare ribs. This recipe, coupled with a hot ginger tea, is a delicious combination for any winter’s night.”

Both Ginger Refresher and Ginger Revitalise Cordial Mixers have no artificial colours or flavours and are gluten free. For those of us who are health conscious, Ginger Revitalise has 60% less sugar than Ginger Refresher. Both are sold in a 750ml bottle and retail for $4.25. Ginger Refresher is available in Woolworths, Coles and major Independent stores nationally. Ginger Revitalise is exclusive to Coles. For a full list of these new recipes visit The Ginger Net, the hub of all things ginger.

For further information and receipes, please visit www.TheGingerNet.com

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