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Bully – Fringe

Bully Fringe 2010Higher Ground, Light Square
Sunday February 21st 2010 (See Fringe guide for dates, times, etc.)

Presented by Guy Masterson’s Centre for International Theatre and Theatre Tours International. or 1300 FRINGE (374 643)

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Richard Fry turns his poem, beautifully written in iambic tetrameter, into an astoundingly gripping performance that draws on his life story. He begins by telling us that he is in a small room, smaller than the bedroom that he had as a child, and that he dislikes small rooms. This takes us back to his childhood and we then make our way forward again until we arrives back in this small room, now knowing how he got to this point.

To avoid continuing the cycle of family violence he assumes the role of victim, but we wonder as we see bigotry and bullying in other ways in his own actions, whether that will be maintained

Fry injects a great deal of humour into his tale, juxtaposed against the bleakest of memories and interspersed with flashes of light from his few good times. Both his writing and performance are astounding. He riveting from first to last in a bravura performance that will live with you long after the Fringe has ended.

This should be compulsory viewing for all teachers and social workers, as well as for students in upper secondary school. They will learn more from this one performance than a hundred dry text books and classroom exercises. Catch this one soon.

Reviewed by Barry Lenny, GLAM Adelaide Arts Editor.

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