Bunny Ears Up, You Will Want To Hear About Hindley Street's Newest (And Greenest) Cafe And Bar

Bunny Ears Up, You Will Want To Hear About Hindley Street’s Newest (And Greenest) Cafe

You will all be bouncing into this cafe/bar when it opens later this month…


For some time now Adelaide’s West End has been affectionately (and not so affectionately) dubbed the concrete jungle. But all of that is about to change with the opening of brand new venue, Peter Rabbit.

Peter Rabbit
Image and branding via: Todd Fischer Design

Travel a little further from the much loved (and uber on trend) Peel, Leigh and Bank Streets to find the otherwise industrial deep west of Hindley and you will notice a new and very green difference. Introducing the Peter Rabbit Garden Café and Bar.

Young guns James McIntyre, Dan Morton and Jack Nelligan have taken this site from quite literally dirt and rubble, and turned it into something spectacularly unique within the city.

Peter Rabbit
James, Jack and Dan are a bundle of laughs

When the doors open on November 24th you’ll find lush green lawns and an abundance of foliage encompassing great quality coffee and a fresh local menu. And bunnies (of course)!

This shipping container café is the result of some seriously hard work from the three mates. Racking up well over 60-hour-weeks, the trio haven’t hired the hands of others; instead every screw, every tile, every lick of paint has been their own work. A feat that not many other could put to their names.

As for the menu, the full kitchen will be run by Jack, a physio by trade, with a helping hand from his mum (cue the crowds saying ‘nawww’ in unison). They’ll be serving up fresh, organic dishes such as salads, tarts and sarnies. But wait, here’s the best part! The boys have been cultivating their own organic garden ON THE ROOF of the café.

Peter Rabbit
Good lookin’ rabbit food.

They’ll be using this produce, which let’s be fair, is pretty much as fresh as you can get, across all their dishes. We haven’t seen the whole wrap up yet, but what we have seen has our mouths watering.

‘We just wanted to create somewhere in the city that served up great food and top class coffee, but that was also a really relaxed environment’ says Jack.

You can see the pride shining from all three of them, but they’re all too humble to boast about this massive achievement. Dan, the man in charge of construction (and teaching the other two how to use a hammer and nail) said ‘This is honestly a real reflection of us. Of what we like, and what we’re passionate about’.

The boys have played on the whimsy of their favourite childhood character, but turned it into ‘a grown up version of the story’ says Manager James. And all without losing the naughty playfulness of the original fluffy protagonist.

Of course, as mentioned, this story will have its very own Peter. The boys are in the midst of picking out their very own bunny as the café’s mascot. Disclaimer: rabbit’s name may or may not turn out to be Peter. Keep you posted on the adorableness.

Through hard work, dedication and some case management with Renewal SA, the boys have taken what was February’s mere pipe dream to a fully-fledged reality come late November.

We visited amongst the rubble and construction but we can’t wait to see the finished product at their launch in a few weeks’ time.

This spot is sure to be a hub for great food, great coffee and great vibes down the end of Hindley. They have a liquor license in place too, so if you’re needing a beer on the lawn in the sunshine, come the end of your working day, this is the perfect destination.

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