Busby Marou On The Road To Adelaide

Busby Marou

I had a chat with Jeremy Marou of Busby Marou from his place in North Queensland to discuss their Australian Tour in support of their new album Postcards from the Shell House. Having just flown home from the Tasmanian leg of the tour Marou felt the tour was going well with strong turnouts for the shows.

The majority of the album was recorded in Melbourne under Jon Hume’s (Evermore) watchful eye and some of the tracks, such as Best Part of Me, were actually recorded on Great Keppel Island. ‘We didn’t set out to write an island viby album, it just happened that way…all of our albums are themed and this has that Keppel Island theme which is in our backyard and we get to tell everyone about it’.

A number of the songs from the album were written on the island so the title for the album happened organically according to Marou, with Warner Music even flying the duo up to Keppel Island from Melbourne to see if they could squeeze a couple more songs out on the theme.

In the wake of a number of studio albums and a few ARIA awards I asked Marou what else was on the horizon. ‘We want music to be our long-term career…yes we want to be like Ed Sheeran and make millions of dollars but at the end of the day if we can provide for our families and lead a long successful life, that’s how we measure our success…we’re one of the lucky bands, there’s a lot of bands that have ARIA awards who still can’t make ends meet’. In the short term the duo are hoping for a tour of the UK and Europe and perhaps a tour with a bigger band at some stage.

The current tour is as a duo, which has been a winning combination to date. ‘We just find people are relating to it more, it’s more up close and personal, sometimes we get a bit anxious on bigger shows…but they see the work we do in front of 3000 people and people are loving it…we’re enjoying the duo and it’s cost-effective’.

Marou was not phased by the fact they have a full band in The Teskey Brothers opening up on the tour. ‘They [The Teskey Brothers] are just killing it at the moment…Tom [Busby] heard their music and sent me a link and said holy-moly, have a look at these guys you’ll love them…I reckon they’re on the brink of some big things…it suits what we’re following it up with’.

The self-confessed Adelaide Crow’s supporters Busby Marou will perform at the Fat Controller on June 15th.

By James Hickey

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