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Buy Wine To Support Charity This Winter

Paracombe Wines have teamed with the Hutt Street Centre this winter to support those living on the streets of Adelaide. Here’s how you can get involved.


You know that warm, cosy feeling as you sitting by a fire enjoying a hearty meal with a glass red? Well here’s something that will break your heat. A lot of people don’t know that experience. In fact, they may never know it short of someone picking them up off the street and giving them the help they need to get back on their feet.

Which is exactly the sort of work that the Hutt St Centre in Adelaide do, and it’s exactly the sort of outcome that the crew at Adelaide Hills winery Paracombe Wines want to support. So for the rest of this month, the coldest and wettest so far this year, Paracombe will be donating 10% of all direct wine sales from their online shop, mail order and cellar door to supporting the Hutt St Centre to help people get through this season.

You’re going to buy red wine anyway, and Paracombe make an outstanding drop, so why not bring some warmth into the lives of those sleeping rough and facing tough times. It’s not like you’ve got any reason not to.

You can start right away by clicking here to place an order online through the Paracombe website.

Still umming and erring? Well, we have a story to share with you:

Deb* first came to Adelaide from Melbourne in 2006 after fleeing an abusive partner.  Her initial visits to Hutt St Centre were sporadic, popping in during the day to catch up on some sleep in front of the telly.  But another abusive relationship followed and had her again reeling.

She was again sleeping rough, hanging out in clubs and pubs on weekends and inevitably being kicked out for falling asleep in the corner as she had nowhere but some cold and potentially dangerous open space to go.  And while her mental strength was waning and she was undernourished and weak, she wasn’t about to give up.

She applied for and was granted an advanced loan from Centrelink, she left her partner and came to Hutt St Centre where a social worker organised emergency accommodation and made sure she was safe.

That was 2013.

Over time, she has been able to realise her dream of private rental accommodation, set up home and slowly turn her life around. She’s quick to credit Hutt St Centre, describing it as a place that provides empowerment for disadvantaged people and does it without prejudice.

Now in her own private rented accommodation and studying a Certificate IV in Legal Studies through Hutt St Centre’s education and training programs, Deb is, in her words, “in a place of peace” and has dreams of one day being a Federal Member of Parliament in Canberra.

Now, thank link again for you folks is right here. Good on you. Or you could add a trip to their cellar door into your Winter Reds plans as well. Because you want that fireplace to seem even warmer when you’re sipping your red in front of it.

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