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#BuyFromTheBush In 2020 To Support Bushfire Affected Communities Across The Nation

The #buyfromthebush social media movement encourages purchasing from regional businesses impacted by the Australian bushfire crisis.


The #buyfromthebush movement began in October 2019 after Grace Brennan, a mum of three living in regional New South Wales, found a unique way to support bushfire-affected communities through social media.

Brennan’s intention behind Buy From The Bush is to feature regional producers and businesses on Facebook and Instagram, to encourage people living in city areas to buy local, and support rural communities under threat from the Australian Bushfire Crisis.

“I was very keen to feel helpful in what can often feel like a helpless situation,” Brennan states. “I was also really aware of how much people in the city want to show their support for those in bushfire-affected regions.”

The suppliers featured on Buy From The Bush’s Facebook and Instagram pages rely predominately on farming communities for steady income. However, with the devastating effects of the bushfires, many small business owners are facing much financial hardship. Buy From The Bush works to alleviate some of this monetary burden by selling boutique, unique goods from the country to the city through their ever-growing social media presence.

“Some products have sold out and others are seeing spikes in their sales,” Brennan says. “These small boutiques offer something that big malls, high street stores and even Amazon can’t offer. They are filled with character and run by stylish and energetic young business owners who are keen to meet customer needs.”

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Though the aftershocks from the droughts and bushfires are far from finished, Brennan and countless members of afflicted regional communities are extremely thankful for the support and funds provided from the Buy From The Bush Movement.

“People are very grateful for the support,” Brennan states. “Retail is a tough business for everyone, but these businesses offer a fantastic service to their local communities and we really want to keep their doors open!”

You can check out Buy From The Bush here.

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