Cabaret Festival Review: Cabaret Life Drawing

A unique experience that you ought try at least once!


Presented by Adelaide Central School of Art
Reviewed 11th June 2022

Do you always go to the same types of cabaret? Feel a need to get out of your comfort zone?

Adelaide Central School of Art’s Cabaret Life Drawing might be just what you are looking for. Suitable for any audience, this is one type of cabaret in which you can quietly participate.

Held in the Famous Spiegeltent, unique with its own atmosphere, you are ushered to your carefully arranged seating. Each person is given a clipboard to work on, several pieces of thick white paper, a charcoal stick and pencil, as well as an eraser and paper towel. There is no need to know how to use charcoal.

In fact, there is also no need for any artistic talent either, as a lack of artistry will make it a funny experience. If, however, you are an artist, you will be able to create a visual delight. Cabaret is always done with glamour! Finally, any underconfident artists will have the chance to draw a live model with no pressure to perform as there is no judgement here.

Hosted by Ruby Chew, she gives instructions on different artistic techniques as your live cabaret model continues to change positions. We learn about continuous line drawing, shading, and drawing blind. The show opens and ends with Rosie Russell singing cabaret style. A string bass and piano duet quietly play in the background the remainder of the time.

It is a well-structured art class with enough changes throughout to keep you entertained. Definitely something you need to try at least once! Best of all, you can take your drawings home.

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

Venue:  The Famous Spiegeltent, Festival Plaza
Season:  11 – 25 Jun 2022
Duration:  60 mins
Tickets:  $30-$55

Rating out of 5: 4

Photo Credit: Claudio Raschella


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