Cabaret Festival Review: Every Musical Ever

Pure entertainment for musical lovers


Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre
Reviewed 18th June 2022

One of the difficulties of having so many festivals and shows on in Adelaide is attempting to narrow down which events to get out to. Every Musical Ever sets itself up as a way to overcome that issue by performing what the title of the show suggests.

Every Musical Ever doesn’t quite get to every musical but the cast had a decent crack at it. The packed 80 minute show squeezed in nods to as many famous musical it possible could.

The cast of four were backed on stage by piano and a mountain of simple props that helped navigate through the countless characters they were drawing from. The show and motivation behind performing all the musicals is loosely connected to a world record attempt, with a couple of judges nodded to in the audience.

They started with Wicked, running through a seven minute version of the main plot points and songs, and of course highlighting Defying Gravity. As part of the overarching narrative that pieces the show together, the cast come to realise that to cover every song they will have to get creative with the presentation.

It was an incredibly layered performance. This is beyond the mash ups of songs by themes, such as the Les Misérables Cell Block Tango, that crammed in as many references to favourite musicals. There was comedy snuck in at almost every opportunity, and mixed up the humour between general campiness, subtle expressions for emphasis, and vocal tricks underscoring the performers’ ranges.

The show was pure entertainment for musical lovers who want to hear a bit from all their favourites. The performers had a charming presence on stage and were a delight to watch.

Every Musical Ever was originally developed by The Art House Wyong, and created by Richard Carroll, Gillian Cosgriff, and Zara Stanton. Itfeatured for one night only as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin
Twitter: @AlexDunkin

Season Ended – One Night Only

Rating out of 5: 5

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