Cabaret Festival Review: Lior with Paul Grabowski

Lior is remarkable, his voice caresses the audience and his song writing is extraordinary.


Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre for Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Reviewed 7 June 2019

The performance commenced with an instrumental piece on the piano by the incomparable Paul Grabowski, a lilting sensitive composition called October. Lior joined him on stage but at this point his guitar remained on its stand. Lior sang a few old favourites, like Daniel and Bedouin Song, but Grabowski’s arrangements and skills gave them a deeper feel.

Lior is remarkable, his voice caresses the audience and his song writing is extraordinary. His songs are based in reality and the emotion is palpable. A Lift in the Morning Fog and Out in the Country also got the Grabowski treatment, sounding fresh. Heal Me and Days to Remember showed his skill with lyrics. Favourites like Old Love contrasted with a new composition, Good Alone.

Lior lifted his guitar from its stand to sing the haunting My Grandfather without Grabowski; such a beautiful song, and so much emotion. With Grabowski back at the piano they gave Autumn Flow a jazz feel and later a song I am not familiar with, that Lior sang at the centenary celebrations in Gallipoli, which they gave a gospel feel to. Grey Ocean was again very personal and easy to relate to.

The thing that really makes the evening special is the history behind the songs, the way Lior shares his thoughts and makes each audience member feel he is talking to them. I can’t encourage you to see him this Cabaret Festival, this was one night only, but I do urge you to catch him next time he is in town.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Rating out of 5: 5

One Night Only – season ended

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