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Cabaret Festival Review: Reform

Brasier is a must see

Brasier is a must see

Presented by: Michelle Brasier & Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Reviewed: 9 June, 2023

“I’ve just had one of those yiros, my tummy feels funny. That’s live theatre baby!” – a simple ad-lib that encapsulates what makes Michelle Brasier one of Australia’s finest storytellers. She’s very raw, very real, and very VERY funny.

Coming off of her incredibly successful tour and recording of Average Bear – spruiked in another ad-lib into the baffling branding behind channel 10 spin offs – Brasier takes a less emotional stand in Reform, but keeps her biting, satirical streak, taking aim at private school soft-boys who weaponise mental health to gaslight those close to them. In this case, that person is a female comedian living in a different state trying to purchase exercise equipment.

If that premise sounds like a sitcom, Brasier stresses that she is performing the truth, after a disclaimer stressing that everything is fictional and any resemblance to real events or people is entirely coincidental. The first in many incredible back and forth beats that kept the audience on their feet the entire time.

Brasier is a master of what seems like unpolished, unrehearsed rambling, as the train of consciousness builds and builds until she strikes a red hot punchline, or more likely, multiple punchlines in quick succession. She has a knack for making every audience feel as though they are watching something new, something fresh every time she performs, something many comedians fail to do; she is never stale or played out, but rehearsed to the perfect tee in a way that brings the audience to her level and with her through her story.

Any review has to mention her outstanding musicians, smashing every number, but this time also taking active parts of the story, reading in as part of our verbatim theatre. A very talented duo.

Brasier is a must see, if you can’t see her here, you’ve missed a star.

Reviewed by Daniel Barnett

Photo credit: Claudio Raschella

Venue: Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
Season: June 11 at 5.00pm
Duration: 1 hour
Tickets: From $44.00

Read Glam Adelaide’s interview with Michelle Brasier HERE.

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