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Cabaret Festival Review: The Blind Date Project

The Blind Date Project covers everything from improv to psychotherapy, promising a unique show every night.


Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre
Reviewed 11th June 2021

Actress and comedienne Bojana Novakovic brings her world-travelled show The Blind Date Project to Adelaide for the Cabaret Festival this year. Each night Novakovic awaits a new surprise guest as her date, resulting in a unique performance as they play off each other’s energy.

On Friday night, actor and screenwriter Darri Ólafsson joined Novakovic at the bar in Artspace. Director Tanya Goldberg masterminded the date from behind the scenes, sending texts and calls to both parties with prompts to move the story forward. In character as Ana the fitness instructor, Novakovic explained away her notifications as a group fitness conversation thread. She used this as a jumping off point to introduce Ólafsson to the world of MMA fighting, resulting in some hilarious displays. Ólafsson found his constant phone calls more difficult to account for, and ended up fabricating a complex drug ring in Iceland from which he was fleeing.

While the unlikely match shared several awkward moments, this is perhaps inevitable given the show’s premise. Overall, their chemistry was warm and their improv led to some fascinating conversations and two crowd-pleasing karaoke duets. Ólafsson’s charm and Novakovic’s comedy were irresistible. Anything is possible in The Blind Date Project.

Reviewed by Nicola Woolford

Venue:  Artspace
Season:  11th – 25th June
Duration: 60 minutes

Tickets:  $55.00

Rating out of 5: 4

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