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Cabaret Fringe Festival Review: Bubble Show for Adults Only

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Presented by Cabaret Fringe Festival

Reviewed 4th June 2021

Bubble Laboratory’s Bubble Show for Adults Only combines bubbles, kink, and burlesque with a lot of fun, nudity, and humour. The story centres around a dissonant courtship, and you will need watch it yourself to find out how it ends!

The pair have an indefatigable amount of energy and as the show progresses their energy seems to get higher and higher. As their intensity increases, so does the music, the colour, and the costumes. Correspondingly, the bubble scenarios become more and more bizarre.

It did, however, kind of feel at times that it was less about entertaining us as the audience and more about them enjoying themselves, as I found I had moments where I felt I was losing interest. Although in many ways the boastfulness fits in with the characters of the show, it does leave room for improvement.

Perhaps this was because much of the show involved groundwork which resulted in myself missing several parts of the show. Although it was not a particular fault of the performers themselves, it would have been ideal if they were conscious of this. Based on the amount of people craning their necks or moving around on their seat, I would say only the first two rows would have enjoyed the performance in its entirety.

Bubble Artistry requires a significant amount of skill, precision, science, and maths. It is impossible to watch this show and not leave without a newfound amount of respect for such an artform. The pair spectacularly demonstrate bubbles popping, spinning, growing and believe it or not, bubbles encasing bubble shapes. There are big bubbles, small bubbles, coloured bubbles, and just-for-fun bubbles.

For a chance to be nostalgically returned to the childhood memory of popping bubbles, this is a great experience to have. Right at the end, we all go back in time as we get our chance to pop bubbles, and this was a fantastic way to end the show.

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

Rating out of 5: 3

Venue: Arthur Art Bar
Season: Friday 4 June to Saturday 26 June 2021
Duration: 60 minutes

Tickets: $25-28.00


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