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Cabaret Fringe Review: Jen De Ness – See Things Like You

The cosy confines of La Boheme’s upstairs room are the perfect venue for a show like this. Jen De Ness’s sultry tones make for a pleasant way to spend an hour.


Jen DePresented by Cabaret Fringe Festival
Reviewed 26 June 2015

The cosy confines of the upstairs room at La Boheme are the perfect venue for a show like this. Jen’s sultry tones backed by the excellent playing of Bill Atkinson make for a very pleasant way to spend an hour. Jen began with a bluesy version of Fever a la Peggy Lee and immediately had the audience on side, snapping fingers and generally getting into the mood. This was followed with an original tune, which set the scene for our visit to Jen’s club The Green Tile Tango, and in a short time Jen and Bill had us singing along to this.

On our visit to the Green Tile Tango Club we met many of the varied characters who inhabit this musical world, like the professional dancer who has lost her man, the only one she wants to dance with – cue for a song. But when she gets over him, he realises it’s her he wants: she turns him down. There are sad songs, funny songs and one or two beautifully sung classics like Gershwin’s The Man I love.

Though often performing, as part of a duo or trio, Jen is very comfortable as a solo performer, especially when accompanied by her husband. They have a great rapport and blend well together. Atkinson’s back up vocals were always complementary and never vying for attention. His skilful playing seemed at home with the differing genres that Jen explored, which is hardly surprising as apart from his obvious gift with the guitar he collaborated on the writing of many of the tunes.

This was indeed a treat but I look forward to a longer stay at the Green Tile Tango Club the next time they bring it to town.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Rating (out of 5): 4

Venue: La Boheme
Season: 26-28 June 2015
Duration: 55mins
Tickets: Adult $25, Conc. $20


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