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Stop what you’re doing, Cadbury released a Clinkers block

Stop what you’re doing, the ultimate Pascall Clinkers and Cadbury chocolate collaboration has been bestowed upon us!

Photo credit: foodfindsgeelong.

Just when we thought we’d reached the ultimate god tier of foods with yesterday’s news of Tip Top’s Cinnamon Donut Loaf, Cadbury have come out of the wood works and blown us out of the water.

In the best surprise news ever, Cadbury have released a Pascall Clinkers chocolate block and it’s the combination we so desperately need and deserve.

While kept a secret under heavy guard (literally who saw this coming!?), Cadbury have managed to keep the collaboration from leaking online with thousands of people already flocking to posts of the shock announcement and, as we can only imagine, drooling over there phones.

Clinkers, the ultimate nostalgic chocolate treat, have been a big punter in the sweets world for a while now, with everyone claiming their own favourite colour – mine’s green if you’re wondering.

Popular food-stagram Food Finds Geelong made the initial post, with full credit to this epic discovery from Nick Vavitis who submitted his Coles supermarket find to spread the good fortune online.

The re-invention of the timeless clinker will have you sinking your teeth into a block of smooth cadbury milk chooclate goodness, with bursts of tiny crunchy strawberry, lime and pineapple candies throughout.

All that’s left to do is decide, fridge or cupboard? Team fridge here!

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