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Cafe Scrumptious opens new bigger location on KI following fire damage

Cafe Scrumptious on Kangaroo Island has re-opened in a new location after having to close due to severe smoke damage.

Cafe Scrumptious on Kangaroo Island is making a comeback after being forced to close due to severe smoke damage from a nearby fire a few weeks ago.

While there’s still an estimated timeframe of 2-12 months until it can re-open in its original location, Cafe Scrumptious was lucky to escape severe damages. Neighbouring properties the Lighthouse Cafe and adjoining business ELBRAC Meats was completely engulfed in flames, putting the total damage bill to about $1m.

Thanks to the help of the local community, the well-known cafe in Kingscote has been able to reopen its doors at a stunning new location: 76 Dauncey Street, known to locals as ‘Roger’s Deli’.

“The old Roger’s Deli has sat unused for 18 months, and when we contacted the owner he bent over backwards to help us move in really quickly,” co-owner Lewis says.

“We’re really loving it here. It’s about twice as big and can sit around 50 more people. There’s beautiful big French doors that open up and you fall straight into a light-filled cafe area which gets the evening sun.”

This is Cafe Scruptious’ third location, originally starting out in a garden centre serving up pizzas.

“We originally took over from a mother and daughter duo just after the major fires on Kangaroo Island and Covid. My wife Jess and I jumped at the opportunity to take it over and we slowly added more onto the menu including a liquor license,” Lewis says.

“Then we got really busy and moved to the main street and renovated a coffee shop and were there for 3 years. We picked up foot traffic and a specific local clientele there; I think on this Island a major part of that is because of our consistency.”

The cafe’s new chapter officially started this week, offering patrons some of its original favourites, as well as new delightful grab-and-go options.

“We’ve kept all of our classic meals on the menu that people know and come to us for, like chicken salads and burgers, but also found there was a big demand for grab-and-go options so we’ve added paninis,” Lewis says.

They have 8 different options including some fun combinations like the ‘3 meat combo’ which has prosciutto, salami, and ham, the ‘all day breakfast’ which has sausage, egg, cheese, BBQ sauce and spinach and a delicious mushroom, truffle and parmesan option.

“Everyone loves our coffee as well, it’s from Aroma Fresh who have been amazing to us. They basically gave us a coffee machine in the old place and this time they’ve brought over an even a bigger and better machine,” Lewis says.

It’s not just Aroma Fresh who have been a massive support to the cafe, but Marcos and Tammy from Wrapping Hood who donated their time and product and wiped a $3500 bill for all the new signage and window decal.

“The whole community has been amazing. Everyone has offered to help, if not physically then mentally. The first day we opened in the new location we were so busy, it was mind blowing,” Lewis says.

“It just shows the kind of generosity we have over here on Kangaroo Island. Everyone wants to lend a hand and help.”

The new cafe will continue to be known for its delicious meals, amazing coffee, and sweet treats, as well as a go-to spot for both locals and tourists.

Cafe Scrumptious
Where: 51 Dauncey Street, Kingscote, SA, Australia, South Australia
More info: Click here

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