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Caffe Paparazzi, Who Knew That Healthy Could Taste So Good?

This suburban caffe is looking after our tastebuds (and our waistlines) with their unbelievably tasty meals…

Well we should have known really. Why would we question the deliciousness that is Caffe Paparazzi? They had already brought us a tasty Clean Eating menu and now, with the help of Instagram superstar Leah Itsines (yes the sister of that other Instagram superstar) they have put together some Healthy Street Food options (see our story here).

Caffe Paparazzi

After writing the story about their new menu options it is fair to say that our mouths were left watering. So, in true Glam style, we figured we had better go in there and do some menu tasting for ourselves… But seriously, can you blame us?

Now while we opted to order from the Clean Eating Menu, if the more healthy options aren’t down your alley, don’t stress, they have a menu full of so many delicious dishes that you won’t even know where to start! Think pastas, pizzas and mains, each one sounding more scrumptious than the last. We had our eye on the Linguine Crab with fresh crab meat, sautéed garlic, fresh tomato and black cracked pepper served in rich basil & rose sauce. Yum! But, with our waistlines in mind and the knowledge that their healthier menu items were uber delicious, we resisted the pasta and ordered…

We saw this one going out to a few other tables and the bright orange caught our eyes. Plus who doesn’t love them some sweet potato fries? So first up we went with the Pumpkin Zucchini and Feta Fritters served with sweet potato crisps (obviously).

Caffe Paparazzi

Next up the Zucchini Slice and Chickpea Summer Salad made up of fresh beetroot, carrot, capsicum, cucumber, chickpeas and topped with grilled mushroom. So tasty and the salad made it feel so light and fresh. Definitely one to eat as Summer starts to hit! But isn’t it all? We love this healthy stuff, it means we can eat delicious food and not be so worried about where it will end up. Hello bikini weather creeping up on us nice and fast…

Caffe Paparazzi

Finally, we managed to fit in a serve of the No Bun Burger and Quinoa Salad. So here you are looking at a juicy grass fed beef burger, quinoa, coriander, parsley, red onion, seeds and nuts, capers, currants, lemon juice and olive oil. Yes, we just managed to squeeze it all in…

Caffe Paparazzi

The one thing you will ask yourself while you are eating all of these amazing meals is, “How is this not bad for me?” A lot of people associate good tasting food with food that may not be so good for your insides (or your outside for that matter). But Caffe Paparazzi turns that whole idea on its head with this fresh, crisp, clean, lean and, most of all unbelievably delicious menu!

Not only is Caffe Paparazzi great for the health conscious, it is also fantastic for those with allergies or issues with food. They can cater to basically anyone and lots of their meals already come gluten free or vego. With a few little changes here and there, anyone should be able to find something to eat, no matter what their food issue!

We will be heading back for breakfast next time. We have our eye on the Buckwheat Pancakes with cashew cream, chia jam, nuts and berries, buckwheat flour, almond milk, eggs, seeds and nuts, buckwheat groats, cashews, rice malt syrup, chia seeds, coconut milk, fresh berries. The idea of sweet but healthy just blows our mind and has us wanting all of it!

Photos by Dougal McFuzzlebutt from McFuzzlebutt’s Manchen.

Caffe Paparazzi
P: (08) 8373 0743
Malvern Shopping Centre [291 Unley Rd, Malvern]

Monday Tuesday [7.30am – 4pm]
Wednesday – Saturday [7.30am – late]
Sunday [7.30am – 4pm] (closed public holidays)

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