Calling Adelaide’s Best Moustaches And Strongest Arms, Oktoberfest Challenges You

Forget winter, Oktoberfest is coming! Think, Pretzel eating, Hammer Throwing, Potato Sack Racing, moustache competitions, stein holding competitions, and of course litres of BEER!!

Put on your Dirndls and Lederhosen Adelaide, it’s almost time for OktoberfestPrancing Pony Brewery recently announced that Oktoberfest will be held at the Newenham in the Adelaide Hills on Saturday 27th of October 2018, and we are pretty keen. The festival will be a family friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy onstage entertainment, food whilst relaxing on the grass.

Us South Aussies know about our rich German history, after German settlement in 1845. We love our diverse home and the family-friendly festival delivers traditional and authentic German Culture! From bretzel eating activities, hammer throwing comps, potato sack racing, brass bands, German Schuplattler dancers, German style breads, smallgoods and Beers, everyone can have fun and celebrate German culture for the day!


For the beer enthusiasts, Prancing Pony Brewery will teach you everything you have ever wanted to know about traditional German brewing in a Beer Masterclass. To celebrate German beer, Prancing Pony Brewery will be brewing two traditional German style beers, which will be served in 1 Litre Steins.


You’ll make sure you hit the gym before the festival because Melissa Measham is challenging all the Damen (Ladies) for the best Stein Holding competition! Where you will be challenged to hold a stein for as long as possible. Winner of this competition will win a $250 voucher for the brewery and a brew day with Prancing Pony’s Brewer Eden Pink

Don’t worry Herren (Gentlemen), Frank Samson is challenging Adelaide gentlemen to a best moustache competition. Criteria for the best moustache will be the longest and best styled. Winner of this competition will win a $250 voucher for the brewery and a brew day with Frank. (So get growing those staches now!)

Corinna Steeb, the Festival Director, says that she and Frank Samson ” grew up in Germany and the Oktoberfest was definitely an event that we looked forward attending each year.” And us Adelaideans concur!

When: Saturday 27th of October
Where: Newenham in the Adelaide Hills

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