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Calls for SA restrictions to ease around standing whilst drinking & domestic borders

The Australian Hotels Association – SA Branch is calling for restrictions to ease for patrons standing and drinking, as Qantas urges Australians to show their support for safely opening domestic borders.


South Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions are continuing to ease, and the Australian Hotels Association – SA Branch, and Qantas, are calling for further amendments.

The South Australian branch of the Australian Hotels Association is calling for patrons to be allowed to stand up when having a drink.

The SA Branch released the following statement on Facebook:

“It’s time to allow people in SA to resume standing up when having a drink! Whether at a local footy oval, an organised function or networking event or simply down at the local pub, club or your favourite bar! 

South Australians did enjoy being able to stand up and drink for around five weeks from 29 June to 5 August. It got removed for fear of a community transmission of the virus – one that can’t be traced. That proved to be a false alarm. It’s time to restore standing up when having a drink.

Remember SA is approaching 100,000 trained COVID Marshals with probably 25k just in hospitality. There’s been no community transmission of the virus since March 20. 

Hospitality can still only operate to 50% maximum capacity. Safe distancing obligations remain in place.

It’s time to allow sensible practices in controlled premises….like your local!”

Meanwhile, Qantas is urging restrictions to be lifted on travel between states, releasing the following statement to customers:

“Australians love to travel.

With summer holidays and Christmas just around the corner, many of us can’t wait to visit loved ones and support our regional communities, local businesses and our tourism industry.

But that can only happen if our domestic borders are safely opened again.

The health response to this crisis is our most important priority. And like many Australians we believe a shared framework should determine when our borders open.

If you want to be reunited with loved ones after months of being apart, or to have a holiday in our incredible backyard, please show your support.

More to come.

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