Can This Makeup Really Withstand The Toughest Of Workouts?

The South Australian brand claims to have made the first-ever Australian-made 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free mineral makeup specifically designed to withstand the most intense sweat-a-thon.

When it comes to skin, mine seems to tick all the boxes. Regular breakouts? Tick. Highly sensitive? Tick. Blotchy and prone to redness? Big tick.

I usually wouldn’t leave the house without a tinted moisturiser as a bare minimum, with one exception – when I go to the gym. I workout most mornings – CrossFit is my particular weapon of choice. While my skin is generally at its worst first thing in the morning, I know that makeup isn’t good for any skin, let alone mine, so I always go bare faced. Plus, I’m the sort of person who’s more interested in how much I deadlift than what my skin looks like.

But, there are still mornings when the breakouts are bad and it’d be nice to have a bit of coverage. So I was intrigued when I heard about Fitcover Australia.

The South Australian brand claims to have made the first-ever Australian-made 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free mineral makeup specifically designed to withstand the most intense sweat-a-thon.

Originally from Brisbane (just like me), Fitcover Australia founder Nova Jane now lives in Adelaide, where she has built her now-global company. The mother-of-one has been obsessed with fitness all her life, but with what she calls “terrible acne prone skin” herself, she knew that wearing makeup when she worked out wasn’t great for her pores. So she created Fitcover Australia, a product that would not aggravate her skin or run while she was training.

Made in Australia, the makeup is hypoallergenic and made with 100 per cent natural ingredients like zinc oxide, vitamin E and olive squalene. It’s free from nasties that you’d usually find in makeup, and claims to assists with acne, rosacea and psoriasis, doesn’t clog your pores, plus has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging benefits, and anti-bacterial properties.

Which is quite the list – but does it actually work?

This week I gave it a crack, popping it on before a morning CrossFit session.

The branding gets full marks – everything comes in sleek matte black packaging, with some friendly and tongue-in-cheek messages to help you get started. And at 5.50am on a Monday morning, it was all easy to get on, which says a lot.

Full disclosure here – I’m not a fan of powder foundation. I’ve always found liquid foundation covers all manner of sins whereas powder tends to look a bit cakey on my skin, and just highlights breakouts.

I did feel it clung to some of my breakouts, but overall it gave me an even complexion, and I couldn’t feel it on my skin at all. My skin does not like new things at all, but it felt like I was wearing nothing. I also highly recommend their specially-designed kabuki brush. The micro-fine bristles feel delightful on your skin. (I may have been known to just rub it on my face for no reason when I’ve seen it sitting on the bathroom bench this week. True story.)

Monday’s workout was intense – a mix of gymnastics and handstand practise, weight training with olympic bars, followed by a ridiculous workout involving a rowing machine, split squats and kettlebell work. Translation: it was tough.

Given the intensity of the workout, combined with Adelaide’s delightful weather this week, I was completely sceptical any of the makeup would still be there afterwards.

There were multiple times during the workout where I had sweat pouring down me and I wiped my face, then slightly panicked that I’d left makeup marks all over my favourite Bonds top – but there were none at all. That makeup did not BUDGE. At all.

Here’s me on the left bare-faced (complete with spectacular dark under-eye circles), after applying the Fitcover foundation (middle), then post-workout (right).

And me directly post-workout (complete with ironic t-shirt slogan).

So does it work? That would be a big fat yes from me. It not only stayed put through a serious amount of sweat, it also didn’t upset my skin or cause any additional breakouts. Winner!

While the author received product to review, this article was not sponsored and all opinions expressed are that of the author.

Want to know more about Fitcover Australia? Click here.


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