Can You Handle Adelaide's Newest Bar?

Can You Handle Adelaide’s Newest Bar On Wheels?

Bike puns aside, Adelaide’s newest bar is seriously amazing…


This is like a whole bunch of puns rolled into one amazing bike. Adelaide, say hello to the HandleBar – no not the moustache, but the first ever 16-person pedal powered pub on wheels to reach Australia! Yes, you read correctly, a pedal powered pub. God, that is just so our jam!

Originally invented in Amsterdam (of course) twenty years ago, we will now be able to experience what has to be the most unique bar experience we have ever heard of right here in Adelaide… Not only do you cycle the pub around but you will also make pit stops at local bars and restaurants on your journey.

With 16 bar stools for you and your friends to park your booties on, you can enjoy beer and wine while you cruise the streets of the CBD with your very own ‘Bar Handler’. That’s the guy who does the driving and serving while you take in the experience… Now an FYI, you can only indulge in up to 4 beers or the equivalent in wine when you are cycling – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have more when you stop at the other venues *rings bell*.

Two of these contraptions will be up for hire which means a total of 32 of you and your drink/bike loving friends could be getting merry and peddlin’ around town. Is it just us or does this sound like the best Christmas party ever?

For more information on pricing and booking just head here.


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