Car Review: BMW X1 xDrive25i – Looks like good BMW buying

The BMW X1 25i combines style and performance, SUV and sporty handling all in typically good BMW fashion.

On the outside, the BMW X1 looks very much like a BMW.

This is a good thing…. because, in my view, there’s plenty to like about the BMW look.

Even better is the fact the German carmaker puts as much effort into its entry-level soft roader range as it does its big guns when it comes to making the rest of the vehicle meet the BMW standard.

It should be noted that we test drove the top of the range X1 xDrive25i  with all the bells and whistles – most noticeably when cool weather followed an unseasonal muggy start to last week being front seat heaters. But superior finishes and reliable performance is customary across BMW ranges.

The tested car’s already generous serve of features was bolstered with adjustable suspension, active cruise control and sports seats.

It hosted a digital radio and panoramic roof and… possibly… even a heated steering wheel. I can only say “possibly” because the BMW X1 xDrive25i simply has so much kit in it, you cannot possibly discover it all in just a few days of driving.

Style abounds inside the BMW X1

Style abounds inside the BMW X1

What is noticeable from the outset, however, is the superb handling and performance of this small soft roader, now in its second generation.

The xDrive25i’s 170kW, 350Nm 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol four-cylinder is matched to a standard eight-speed automatic gearbox. It is said to be able to sprint from standstill to 100km/h in 6.5 seconds and returns an official fuel-economy rating of 6.6L/100km. Both figures are very competitive for the segment.

While I didn’t try the sprint, it certainly is willing and I have little doubt it can meet that test. And our drive returned a fuel consumption rate of 6.8L/100km in solely city driving.

Road noise was noticeable but not to the point of being of any great concern, and the ride is a little firm, but the X1 goes a long way to being both a competent, stylish, roomy SUV and a driving machine.

And at $59,900 for the top of the line model, that looks like good BMW buying.

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