Car Review: Holden Spark Will Flick The Switch With First Car Buyers

The Holden Spark is not a car we would really want to be seen in…. but we have absolutely no problem driving it.

I’m a 42-year-old dad, not a teenage girl jumping behind the wheel of her first car, and the smallest vehicle in the Holden range is not really my thing.

But I’m damn sure it can be – is – the kind of car I would look to when my daughter (who wants to be a race car driver) does get to driving age. Thankfully, not for some time.

I’ve heard – not experienced – not great things about the previous model of this car when it comes to handling and dynamic ability.

I thought it was kinda cool… for a car you can put on the road for  $14,000.

The Holden Spark - A great option for first time car buyers.

The Holden Spark – A great option for first time car buyers.

Its looks are cool enough to sit with those who will buy it (styling inside and out actually far exceeded my expectations). The 5-speed manual, base model, tested also offered plenty of reward in the handling and ride comfort stakes.

Keep in mind, it rolls out the door at $13,990 and you can get in the top-spec CVT auto at $18,990.

The one engine across the range, a 1.4-litre four cylinder delivering 73kW and 128Nm of torque, is plenty enough for the tight little Spark.

It chews through a massive 5.2L/100km (note the sarcasm). It’s “peppy”. It’s all suited to the first car buyer market.

And, hey, it comes in some pretty cool colours….. if you’re a teenage girl. I just wasn’t sure about the metallic Kermit the Frog green for me.

But wait, there’s more from this honest little “firsty”. Apple CarPlay is pretty cool. OK, so I don’t have an apple and the Android Auto hook-up was beyond me… but I have seen the adverts and It looks cool.

Of course, the market this car is aimed at would know how to hook up Android Auto – did I mention it is priced from $13,990?

There’s also a hill hold function (will help “firsty” get licence) and a USB port (sure to be of use to “firsty”).

Stepping up into the LT adds keyless entry and ignition button, leather steering wheel, rear parking sensors and rear view camera and cruise control (C’mon “firsty” you know you like it now).

This is a micro car which sits in the middle, on price, of its segment and really hits the mark… even though I wasn’t sure about being seen in it.

It has Spark. Tell people I said so, just don’t say you saw me in it!

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